Cari Eisenson

Cari, Owner and Operator of Kula, began to practice yoga over 18 years ago. As a competitive swimmer, runner and water polo player, Cari found that yoga not only balanced her body, but also her mind. Cari has been teaching since 2010 after completing an RYT 200 hour certification with TeriLeigh Schmidt in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa style. She has also continued her yoga education by exploring the playful practice of Acro Yoga under the guidance of Joe Barnett and Yuki Tsunji-Hoening. Cari’s approach to teaching is energetic and heartfelt, and her classes are a dynamic combination of strength, alignment and depth. This blend of compassion and power creates a space for students to explore their edge and open up to their authentic selves. At her core, Cari believes that we grow the most within community, and is committed to bringing safe, effective, and empowering yoga to the Roaring Fork Valley, making our local community an even better place to live.

Lucy Roginski

Lucy has been blessed to find yoga at the early age of 17 and have been continually grateful for all the friends and community with which it has connected her.

Lucy completed her 200 hour teacher training in June 2012, in San Luis Obispo, CA under the beautiful guidance of her teacher Rocky Heron. She’s continued her education with 80 hours of ParaYoga and 90 hours of AcroYogo with close to 1,000 hours of teaching. She is very passionate about partner play integrating it onto my classes and spreading this community based yoga through the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.

Lucy loves teaching people of all ages, body types and backgrounds. As a teacher she wants nothing more than to offer a class where every person feels safe and challenged to express all aspects of themselves.

Come to Lucy’s classes to explore movement, smile, and tap in your inherent beauty and knowledge.

Jo Rafferty

Jo grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley, and continues to live here with her son and husband. She received her training from Baron Baptiste but draws from many different styles of yoga. Jo is inspired by Sean Corn, Simon Parks, Rodney Yee and many other yogis. Jo turned to yoga after a skiing accident where she injured her back. Looking for something to compliment her running and skiing she found yoga was the perfect addition. Jo believes in living her practice on and off the mat, and encourages her students to use the practice to find, balance, trust and serenity.

Tyler Lambuth

Tyler Lambuth, (a.k.a. yoga DJ Bhakti Styler) is putting one foot in front of the other, messing up, beginning again, and always learning each step of the way. If we don’t take a steps forward, we will always be in the same place. This big beautiful messy wonderful life is something cherish.  Tyler has been blessed to have a committed teacher and guru, Steph Snyder (Love Story Yoga, SF-CA) remind him that all future suffering is avoidable, and through the asana practice we are simply reminded to breath, be kind, kick ass, and repeat! Yoga is transformative; it is a dance filled prayer with the divine- YOU!! Through rigorous work, these classes will allow you to connect with spirit, open your heart and rejuvenate your soul in the form of smiles and sweat.   The most important work awaits your departure; to love a little bit more!

Ally Morrison

A love of deep healing and the search for wisdom and insight is the fuel for Ally’s work and practice. She celebrates 20 years of massage and yoga practice in 2017! As a dedicated bodyworker, yoga teacher, massage therapist and educator, Ally views the bodymind as a portal to our inner heart and soul. Suddenly, the truth of who we really are… as spiritual beings having a human experience… rises up in our life!

Studying with Ally helps build bridges of understanding through a fusion of anatomy, touch skills and poetic body teachings. Our unique bodymind shows up for us as grace in a physical form. It’s a map we can follow to understand the treasure chest of the mind and heart.

Ally Morrison is a Registered Massage Therapist in Colorado (RMT-CO) and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) since 1997. She’s a member of Yoga Alliance, as an experienced yoga teacher and educator at the ERYT-200 and RYT-500 levels. She holds a B.S. 1990, Appalachian State University.

Cara Maiolo

Cara teaches yoga with a wholehearted presence, confidence, and compassion. Her passion for yoga and enthusiasm for teaching are evident in her energetic, dynamic, and intentional style by linking poses together in a creative, balanced, and flowing sequence. She provides a supportive, challenging, and welcoming class environment where you are encouraged to explore your edge, discover your strength, and awaken your spirit. Her extensive training in both Vinyasa Yoga and Forrest Yoga brings a rich knowledge and a deep understanding of the benefits of thoughtfully designed yoga classes. Cara has been practicing yoga since 2000, and teaching yoga since 2006. She draws inspiration and wisdom from teachers like Ana Forrest, Elena Brower, Sean Corn, and Kathryn Budig. In addition to her yoga certification, Cara is also a licensed professional counselor and offers yoga and therapy services through Aspen Integrated Counseling.

Emilee Phelan

Emilee was born in Carbondale, CO and was raised in Minneapolis, MN. Her practice started at the early age of 9 when she was enlightened to find that she had truly been stretching, exploring, and contorting her body in “yogic ways” since she could remember. “I believe that sometimes we forget to explore, play, and challenge our bodies but yoga gives us a safe space in which to do so.” From her early practice, Emilee has been exploring many types of active meditation ranging from Nia to Hula Hooping. Trained in Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Short Form Ashtanga, and Restorative yoga by Johnny Kest and Jason Hulshof of the Center For Yoga in Michigan and Life Power Yoga in Minneapolis. Emilee received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher and her Level 1&2 Hula Hoop Instructor Certifications in 2011. She believes first and foremost that the breath is the foundation to any practice. Emilee teaches a supportive class that encourages her students to listen to their bodies for what they need from the practice. Emilee’s mission as a teacher is to empower her students to shine in their best light. “Yoga and all forms of active meditation help me to live my life as an expression of the principles I believe in —— peace, love, and truth. We have the power to heal ourselves in many ways through breath and meditation.”

Emily White

In 2011, Emily left Vermont in search of bigger mountains, bluer skies and the space and time to truly tap into her joy. She called it her FREEDOM tour. She landed in Carbondale, instantly warmed by Sopris’s sweet glow and knew she had found her new home. Her first 200 hour training, 5 Gems Yoga, taught by Nova Loverro, exposed her to a methodical and refined way of experiencing asana as well as to the practices of pranayama, mediation, mantra and ayurveda. She also loved the fluid nature of Vinyasa and began to hone her alignment and release tension in her body, through her practice. In 2015, she participated in Kula’s 200 hour Vinyasa training and has been one of the instructors for Kula’s 6:30am Prana Flow class, ever since. Emily also works as a PT Aide and is a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer. She weaves her knowledge of the body into her classes and guides students through an organic, alignment-based flow.

Jen Campbell

Jen has been teaching students and training teachers for over 20 years. In her classes, you will find a sweet blend of thoughtfully developed sequences, space to listen to the body’s wisdom, pranayama, and of course, some good stories and a bit of humor.

Since 1995, she has studied many yoga styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Parayoga. She completed her initial yoga teacher training in 1998 at Evergreen Yoga in Bethesda, Maryland and her 200-hour training with Max Strom in 2010. With a background that includes a BA in Dance and comprehensive Pilates training at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, Jen has an intimate understanding of the human body.

Her decision to teach yoga full-time came from a major life change—the birth of her third child, Lucas. Jen was drawn to spiritual aspects of yoga that she felt were missing in her Pilates work. Teaching yoga has given her the opportunity to not only use all of her movement and teaching knowledge, but also to speak her truth about the deeper life questions that live inside our hearts. Jen has found a home on her mat. Her experience is that no matter the outward challenges and joys in life, the mat provides balance, a space to re-center and to listen inward. It is finding this balance between effort and ease, between the busy and the still, between breathing in and out that most inspires Jen to be both a student and teacher of yoga.

Jen continues to study with American Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron, Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Angela Farmer. She is also a student of her family—her husband Jeff, and children, Lucas, 8, Caelan, 18 and Taylor, 20. When she’s not practicing yoga, you can often find her outside hiking, or creating pottery at the Carbondale Clay Center. She is thrilled to now call Carbondale her home. Recently relocated from the DC-area, Jen is loving exploring the beauty of the area and meeting the wonderful and welcoming community.

Shelly Sheppick

Shelly began her yoga journey 19 years ago at a hatha style studio in Venice, CA as a way to reduce her work related stress. When she discovered Vinyasa yoga 10 years ago she fell in love with the style, finding that the linking of yoga postures to create a dance-like movement set to music helped her to calm her mind and release tension in her body while building flexibility and strength. Her passion is artfully linking a thoughtful sequence of postures to a wide variety of music to create a fun and upbeat journey through the body while helping the mind to shift and find a sense of calm.

Colleen Kirkpatrick

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Whitney Roginski

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Jennifer Lane

Aside from being a free-spirit, Jennifer is a certified yoga teacher learning extensively from Erich Schiffman, Rod Stryker, and Seane Corn and many others. In Jennifer’s Hatha-style classes you are invited to go deep and not take yourself so seriously, to practice courage in make self-honoring choices so that you may live into your truth, and you can expect to experience unconditional love and compassion.
Jennifer is an active mom with three very tall boys whom she adores, and as well she is a Life Coach with a background in Spiritual Psychology. You can find her as easily hiking Highland’s Bowl in winter as biking the Bells in summer. Jennifer’s intention is to awaken as fully as she can to the love that she is, and then to share it with others.